A spectacular Spring Festival was organised by Kadamba Kanana Maharaja in Durban last weekend (24-26 September). The festival was centred around the theme ‘worship and glorification’ and for three days, devotees and guests were allowed to be fully absorbed in total Krsna consciousness from mangal arati, japa, stunning darsanas, seminars, parikramas, dramas, kirtanas, bhajanas, prasadam…it was really a feast for the soul!
“Madhava Acarya is explaining in his commentary in Srimad Bhagavatam that Mathura is a state of consciousness. So it’s not a place or a location where we simply travel to but it is a state of consciousness. And even while being here, in Durban, one can be in that state of consciousness…” KKS
The Killing of Aghasura!


…And lots more!
“This weekend is meant for cultivation, which is very densely filled with transcendental sound vibration, transcendental activities, transcendental remembrance and in that way we will make permanent spiritual advancement….” KKS
To download the full package of the festival, go to www.kkswami.com

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