One year I was in Mayapur, and there was a one man, in his 60’s and he was dressed like Salvador Dali (laughter)
Same little beard and berie and everything. So he looked like a painter. Later on I found out that he was. We saw that he was chanting all the time. Some days I would get up early and I would be in the temple quite early, long before Mangal Aarti, and he was already there chanting! After Mangal Aarti he was chanting, and after the morning program he was chanting. You would see him in every aarti. Everyday there are 7 aartis that are offered to the deities in the temple. He was there in all the aartis the whole day, and in between he was just chanting! In the temple he was just chanting and chanting in the temple. So, I was watching him for a few days, and I was thinking:

“Who is this guy? ……Who is this?… Who can chant like this?”

So, I went to him and I said:

“Are you a demigod?” (laughter)

He said:

“Maybe” (laughter)

And it just remained a mystery! I was wondering:

“Where is he getting his strength? Where is he getting the strength to chant so many rounds?”

I was wondering. One day he finally told me the story. He said:

“ I saw that old man, and I saw him with his followers. And I knew that they were dangerous! So I kept a distance from them”.
But, we could see that even at a distance, Prabhupada entered into his heart! Because when he saw how much Srila Prabhupada worshiped Krsna – then he developed faith! And the result was noticeable. I mean he was chanting for the whole day from morning till night. Inconceivable, but possible by the mercy of the devotee. So, by the mercy of the devotee of Krsna, we can very quickly develop a taste to worship Krsna.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2nd September 2010)

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