Such deep absorption first of all in one’s own spiritual practises, and then the enlightening from others comes natural. Otherwise it becomes very difficult. Otherwise we look at it like: “But how am I going to preach?”

So our aim in chanting – chanting privately. Our aim in hearing privately, is that we can gain inspiration to become (Sanskrit) – to become transcendental touchstones! Who somehow or other give people some Krsna. There are different ways to do it. Some people distribute prasadam at work. I know some devotees who are doing that regularly:

“ Oh I’ve baked this for everyone at work”.

They never tell them that its prasadam! They just do it. So, that’s an incognito way of spreading Krishna Consciousness. So many ways. Inadvertently leaving some books around. Lying around – by distributing them. Somehow or other there are ways we could do something. That is what will finally free us from selfishness – because otherwise it is so difficult to cut this knot between Krsna’s enjoyment and our personal enjoyment. And that knot is in the heart of all of us. Irregardless of our ashram, we are all struggling with this knot between Krsna’s enjoyment and our own personal enjoyment. Let us put more emphasis on Krsna’s enjoyment – because that will bring us to the tipping point of where the balance will go in Krsna’s favour!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 26th September 2010)

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