The consciousness of the human being is compared to a fire covered by smoke. The fire which smokes is not constant. It’s not that all the time there is an equal amount of smoke. At certain periods more smoke and then it clears up a little bit, and then again it smokes – so human consciousness is like that. Although we are afflicted by ignorance, still there are moments of clarity, and there are moments of insights – and then again covered up by modes of material nature – and then again a moment of insight.
That is the human form of life. Therefore, within the human form of life, one can come to the point of enquiring about the absolute truth! (Sanskrit). From the Vedanta Sutra:

“ Now therefore”, the arcaryas explain their commentaries that :

“Now therefore – means now that we obtain the human form of life – (Sanskrit) therefore we must enquire to the absolute truth. It is in the human form of life that this opportunity arises.”
So that is an important point.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Canberra, October 2010)

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