There was a zoologist who wrote a book called: ‘The Naked Ape’. As a zoologist he was a specialist in studying apes, and therefore he listed all the qualities and behaviours of the apes. He then listed the qualities of modern man, and he said;

“ See, man is simply another ape. A naked ape – no hair, but otherwise an ape because he behaves exactly the same”.

That was his book. It was a good book, because it pointed out – obviously the hidden message in the book was that, ‘man should rise above animalistic behaviour’
He was pointing out from a zoological point of view that man was actually completely behaving in the same way as the monkeys were doing.
Well, that is the stage of humans in the age of kali.
The human form of life is meant for rising above the animal!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Canberra, October 2010)

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