In quantum mechanics they think there is an attraction between several molecules and they think that that’s all there is. But what they don’t see is that really it is Krsna. It is simply Krsna who is arranging for this attraction. There is no attraction between the molecules, but it is Krsna who is arranges all these things and who in his energies creates these different forces that influence each other. So it is simply Krsna. A boy who is sitting at a pond and who was looking at his own reflection but as (Sanskrit), Krsna is playing with his unlimited energy in so many varieties – that in quantum mechanics they cannot see…

Now this whole quantum mechanics is being presented to us in a spiritual jacket, by a group of people who put out videos like ‘The Secret’ and ‘What the Bleep’ and they are just pushing quantum mechanics – and speak about the law of attraction – and how if you simply are thinking about something. Then you will attract it – it will happen.

But we know actually, that is not the fact – we know that there are some defects in it. So even going back to quantum mechanics – there are limitations – it has it’s limited application. But the scientists haven’t discovered that yet, because they haven’t discovered Krsna yet. But once if they go from quantum mechanics to Krsna mechanics – then one day they’ll get the real perspective, and they’ll see reality as it is. So even the scientists is seeing only a level of reality. He doesn’t see reality, because the real law of attraction is that Krsna is attracting everyone.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, October 2010, Melbourne)

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