It is said that when we chant then gradually we come in this mood of just chanting for the pleasure of Krsna and then we become free, free from all oppressive things. And as we develop this freedom, then the higher taste will come. So therefore, let this be the seed of chanting every day. If only we can do that, at least one round every day and if possible more, then we will see a change after some time. Try it for a month because psychologists have discovered that if you do something for one month then it becomes a habit. So just try it for one month, sign on the dotted line and see what happens…! And after one month you’ll say, ‘well, maybe I’ll try another month…’ and then maybe another and another and the we’ve done one year and then maybe go for a second year…I am in my 33rd year now! And then the beads will start shining with time because by moving the beads you polish the beads and they start to shine and as the beads start shining then something in you starts shining also! That is the secret of Lord Caitanya’s movement, who taught this chanting of the holy name. But before you start your one round, always say, 
Jaya Sri Krsna Caitanya
Prabhu Nityananda
Sri Advaita Gadhadhara
Srivasa adi gaura bhakta vrnda
and  then it will work.

Thank you very much. Hare Krsna

(KKSwami, Feb 2010, Canberra, Australia)

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