This brahmana was extremely hungry, he had no funds and he was living from begging. The poor brahmana was going door to door and he was not getting anything. He was starving. So he decided that he would just go beg from any house.

He came to a house of a Muslim and he begged the Muslim for something to eat. The Muslim gave him something, but it was very little…very little.
Then the brahmana complained;

“Now, I’ve lost my caste and still hungry!”

He lost his caste and he was still hungry.
So that is the material world. We all lose our caste for the sake of enjoying the senses. We break the rules!

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We do the forbidden activity because the pushes of the senses are so strong – In this way we lose our caste: Lose our purity and still hungry – still not satisfied!
So this is a deep story actually, because this is the nature of material life.
We are not satisfied, therefore we begin to contemplate for forbidden activity, and then one breaks the rules – and then still not satisfied. So isn’t that exactly what is the fate of this world?

When the curtains are closed, then in the darkness of night – then so many sinful activities are going on. Even by those who are otherwise acting pious, because we are not satisfied. Everything in this world moves by taste. Without taste how can we do something for a long time. For a little while, but if there’s no taste how long can we do it? With no taste it’s very difficult. So this is the nature of material life. There’s not enough taste to really be satisfied with what we have. Whatever taste we get from the things we have, we always need more! That is the nature of material life. With everything we have – not satisfied – need more.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Canberra, October 2010)

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