Mayapur , the transcendental abode of abundance of the never ending stream of mercy, from Lord Caitanya, the most magnanimous Golden Avatara. We are having a good time, gentle, rejuvenating , full of taste.

We went again to Momgacchi, which takes a long boatride with nice kirtan on the Ganga, and there in the Madan Gopal temple we prayed for the mercy of Vasudeva Dutta, who was ready to take the sinful reactions of the whole universe on himself; to develop some compassion. To come to the Dhama and pray for mercy, ei mora abhilasa,that is my desire.

Early in the morning at 1:30 am I rise and then chant and chant untill mangal arati and then study sastra. I feel purified.It si such a nice program. While chanting and trying to hear the holy name, I am remembering that Krsna is here!

It was Rasa Purnima,the end of Kartika, there was a beautiful darsana of Radha Madhava, with a big full moon and stars backdrop and on the stage in front of the altar a diorama of many Krsna dancing with many gopis. The crowd of villagers was taking over the temple, we couldn’t even reach tulasi anymore through the ocean of people. I stood in the back, next to Pancaratna Prabhu, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada. I happened to have a tulsi leaf in my hand, that someone gave me. So I gave it to Pancaratna Prabhu, who also looked at the thick crowd. I said; “Here Tulsi”, as I gave him the leaf. He took it, held it in his hand, touched our heads with it and then on the spot started to turn and turn around, in this way circumambulating tulsi. “All the holy places of the entire universe are present in one tulsi leaf”, I told him. He responded with a story; that once the residents of Vrndavan wanted to weigh Krsna, when He was still a child. They placed him on scales, but whatever weight they put on the other side, Krsna was always heavier, untill they put a tulsi leave, then the balance tipped to the other side.

Later that day upon the desire of HH Jayadavaita Maharaja, we had arranged to invite all the Prabhupada disciples for prasadam, we received them respectfully, washed their feet, and placed sandelwood on their forehead and adorned them with garlands and then fed them first class prasadam and finally gave everyone a donation. The same took place last year and it is a very, ecstatic purifying event, through it my relationship with Srila Prabhupada’s disciples deepened and I developed more appreciation for them.

The next morning I saw Pancaratna, who always has a big smile on his face and enthusiastically spins around while dancing in the kirtana. I said; “Pancaratna, you are so jolly! he said; “That’s the mercy of Mayapur, I am jolly, because Krsna is so jolly!

Serving and appreciating the vaisnavas in the Dhama, what more can one desire?

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