The modes of material nature in this way are afflicting us. But we are not helpless in the matter. The modes of material nature may create waves for us, and these waves comes through our consciousness – due to our conditioning and these influences us, as I described earlier in a little bit of astrological terms. So we can clearly see that they are there, but we can rise above it, and that is what we can do by taking shelter.

So the waves that are there drag us along, but we can swim in another direction, and the more we take shelter of devotional service – the stronger we become as a swimmer – and the less these waves will have a grip on us. The more we can determine our course, than the less we are dragged along by the currents and the under currents. That is an interesting point to consider. So we are not helpless. We are not at all forced – we just act by the modes. But depending on which mode influences us, then we will be strongly swept up in the waves.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, October 2010)

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