We learn to see the material energy in connection with Krishna. We see that Krishna is behind everything and yet …Krishna never sets a foot out of Vrndavana – because the Lord is involved in His pleasure pastimes.
Srila Prabhupada describes how he had a German God brother who was a sanyassi called Sadanandan Swami and he said that this swami previously was a very evolved scholar. He came to India and he took darshans in various temples – and he saw Durga Devi with ten arms, weapons in different arms, many forms of the Lord, Shiva with a trident – he saw all these various forms of the Lord and then he saw Krishna. He saw how Krishna was not holding any weapons – he saw that Krishna was holding only a flute and he thought
‘Ah this is the Supreme Lord, this is the Supreme because he doesn’t have a job”
The Supreme Lord does not have any work to perform and yet by his energies everything is manifest.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Delhi, 2010)

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