I would like to thank the following people for their financial donations to this nice blog. We can make 2011 a super year for spiritual articles, classes, videos and fun.

Please bless our donors for giving with love and pray for them to increase their devotional service to Sri Krishna, our only shelter, also in 2011.
Happy New Year

Uddhava & the Blog team

Alexandra Tcherkassova from Russia, Germany

 Yamuna devi dasi from Croatia

Campakalata from The Netherlands

 Dimitry van Ackeleyen from Belgium

 Nama rupa devi dasi from Sweden

Nrtya gita devi dasi from Finland (left side)

Holger Kunze from Germany
(sorry, could not find a photo of you)

 Vinoda Bihari das from The Netherlands

Alice Glaser from Germany

Raymond and Samira from The Netherlands

Ondrej Hladek from Czech

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