Sunday is an opportunity. An opportunity for special service, because on Sunday we are free – free for Krsna. That means Sunday is the day for Krsna. We can use the entire day for him! If we do that then so much inspiration we will gain from this day…. We will try and take advantage of this particular day – to especially meditate deeply on the goal, because when we are firmly fixed on the goal of spiritual life, then we are stronger in dealing with difficulties in spiritual life.

In the middle of the big festival everyone is inspired. On Sunday everyone is happy about the feast! It’s Monday when it’s tough – when you have to go back to work. That’s the tough part. Those are the days when spiritual life is hard. So we need to take advantage of these opportunities to serve Krsna, so that we become transcendental, and then when the material modes of nature create extreme circumstances – which they will do at times, that we will have the strength to see it as transcendental.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Chowpatty, 12th December 2010)

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