This blog was not possible without the help of our editors and financial supporters. And for 2011 we have a few new ideas and plans that we want to share with you. First we are going to have a new and better website with more photos, videos and more media. Second we will put more classes and mp3 audio on the blog for your hearing pleasure. Last but not least you can join our contact list to keep yourself updated on the new website.

So we have a bright future for 2011, but we need your help.
If you like to help writing articles, sharing photos, mp3s and videos then let us know!!! You can fill the blog with a flood of content made by you. So join our blog!!
(Leave a comment under this post if you are interested)

 It is also possible to financially support this website. Just follow the details below
The hosting costs for this blog are € 300/year *
Please support us:
Donate € 10
Donate € 25
Donate € 50 (get a free CD)

Received donations : 342 euro
We like to thank Samira & Marcel (Netherlands), Vinod Bihari d (Netherlands), Ondrej Hladek (Czech), Alice Plage (Germany), Alexandra Tcherkassova (Russia,Germany), Dimitry van Ackeleyen (Belgium), Nama Rupa dd (Sweden), Nrtya Gita dd (FI), Holger Kunze (DE), Campakalata dd (NL) and Yamuna dd (Croatia) for their kind donations.

(* Server hosting €260 (ex. VAT) or €300 incl. VAT)

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