Haridas Thakur was totally absorbed! He had become so simple that he let go of everything! He just let go and he simply chanted. That takes such simplicity. What can we do if we are not so simple? We are complex. We are attached to Krsna, but we are also attached to so many other things. We are attached to worship in this way and that way.

Alright, it maybe done, but we can only do what is authorised in the scriptures. All attachments that are not authorised in the scriptures must be given up!
(Sanskrit). With a sword of knowledge we have to cut and all other things maybe done. Puja – we are not against puja…mantra dantra – fine. But everything must be proceeded and followed by the chanting of Hare Krishna! 16 rounds minimum must be chanted. Then you may engage in other types of service. In this age of Kali without the chanting of Hare Krishna, it is not possible to attain perfection.

Lord Caitanya said;

“I will not accept the offering of anyone who doesn’t chant one lakh of names” One lakh is 64 rounds!

Srila Prabhupada for this modern age prayed to Krishna…to Lord Caitanya;

“Please accept them at 16 rounds” But prauphada said “ 16 rounds and no less – that must be there”.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Chowpatty, 12th December 2010)

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