elderlyIn our old age we will be confronted with our lack of advancement. When we are young; “ Ah I’m in spiritual life – I’m already getting advanced! So many years you know…phew! With so many things I’m advancing with big steps!”

But as time moves along we realise; ”I hardly advanced at all”.

As life is coming to an end we realise that; “If the little bit of service that I had done – if that goes in the scale, and if they weigh it – is it enough to let me into the spiritual world?

I don’t know if it’s going to be enough? I have serious doubts if the weight of my service will be enough. Therefore, I beg for the weight of the blessings – because if I add the weight of the blessings – the vaisnavas they all have goodwill with Krsna! They all serve Krsna. If the vaisnavas will give me blessings – that will add weight in the scale, that just might tip the balance in my favour. So please give me your blessings”. In this mood a vaisnava, one can never allow these remnants of the mode of ignorance in our nature to rise to the forefront. We must somehow or other check it, or control it by vaisnava etiquette.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, October 2010)

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