When weakness occurs – be brave. Respond by being brave. Respond by ignoring that weakness. Respond with strength. Sometimes I say it’s a weak devotee who will be there everyday in the Mungal Aarti. So it’s a weak devotee – strong devotee whether he is in Mungal Aarti everyday or not doesn’t really matter – he’s strong! But the weak devotee, he must be there everyday.

It’s the weak devotee that takes shelter. So we must learn to take shelter. We have no strength! We are full of fear – we are weak, but we must take shelter of the process that gives strength. The more fear we have, we take shelter of chanting Hare Krishna. We take shelter of the scriptures. We take shelter – that’s what will give us strength, and in that way we will rise above that weakness – than we will not stay in the impediment!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Chowpatty, 12th December 2010)

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