Everyone in India are very expert in getting into the front of the line. They sort of walk past the line as if they have nothing to do with the line (laughter) -as if they are going somewhere else and they are looking if there is someone in the line who is spaced out and at that next moment they are in front of that person (laughter). Preferably they bypass the line completely and walk straight into the office of the supervisor – this is quite common.

So what can we say, but we are very good in finding the favourable position – we are very expert. It is second nature – we know how to do it, so we think that we are in control. But at one point when it gets very difficult, then we just have to come to the point where we accept; “Whatever the Lord desires!”.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Chowpatty, 12th December 2010)

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