Kadamba Kanana Swami:
Our life centres very much around Deity worship. Like now we are in the temple and in the temple room there are so many things, one must bow down when he enters the temple room, one must take shoes off – there are many things that one can do, that one can not do in front of the Deities and it’s all described – the behavior in the temple room: …

one should not have arguments in a front of the Deities,

one should not be angry in front of Deities,

one should not cry in front of Deities about sadness in this world,

one should simply focus on the Deities.

There are all these directions for being fixed on Krsna. Through the regulative process actually we are becoming fixed on Krsna and within that regulative process actually absorption on Krsna is happening.

It is certainly not so that we are independent. Rather we realize more and more how we are dependent on the process. Its not that we independently just take strength of realization, manage to make that connection with Krsna where we always remember Him and never forget Him – But rather it means to become to be absorbed in process of regulative activities to make it our second nature.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami)

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