(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2009)

In this day and age of freedom we need to take responsibility ourselves. We have to set our own boundaries.
One way, it is said, to set the boundaries is through the culture.
One definition of culture is – it’s the way that one can express oneself in safe boundaries.
So, if we have more culture that will help us. That is all part of mood of goodness…

I was invited in somebody’s house for prasadam. I came and they served rice and some kind of sauce.
I said: ‘What is this sauce?’’
They said: ‘’ it’s gulash.’’
I said:’’ What are those little things there in the sauce?’’
“Ooo, that’s soya.”
Ok. ….nice.
“What would You like to drink Maharaja? Wine or beer? – Alcohol free Maharaja, alcohol free!”
And then after the meal I got decaffe!

-I don’t know…
I don’t know… it’s like… I don’t know!!!
So, culture helps! Culture helps!

Imagine instead of the altar, we get rid of the altar, next festival we don’t have altar any more! “Old fashioned!” – Instead here we make a bar and the Swamis will be behind the bar. We will have wine, beer and all kind of stuff, but all alcohol free – Ok, Haribol devotees!
We can see that culture helps!
That’s my point.
There is benefit to it, absolutely!

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