One can focus on the meeting and pastimes of Radha and Krishna in Vrindavan, and there are of course many scriptures describing these pastimes, but because these pastimes resemble the love affairs between male and female in this world, they are not recommended for those who are affected by lust. The exchanges between Radha and Krishna, or Krishna and the gopis, are of that nature. But there’s no lust, it is all full, selfless dedication.
How can we understand that?
How can we even discuss it in too much detail publicly?
A little bit we understand that it is there; we cannot go too deep.

But sometimes, Prabhupada said surprising things. In Mayapur, there’s this young girl in the early days, and Prabhupada said,
“So, are you attracted to Krishna?”
She said, “Yeah! Yeah!”
Prabhupada said, “Krishna is a young boy,”
he then said:
“He might even kiss you!”
He just said it like that! She went all red and everything!
But these things are very difficult to understand, Krishna’s loving affairs. So one has to be pure from lust to really understand.

Transcribed by Bhakta Frederick
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Stockholm, Jhulana-yatra, August 2010)

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