Kadamba Kanana Swami:

I was remembering how I had become responsible for the bell of Srila Prabhupada in Vrndavan, ringing the bell of the temple -and how that bell made me the servant of Prabhupada …Prabhupad’s bell in Vrndavan was so important, because Prabhupada wanted that that bell was always on time. It had to ring on the half hour, it had to ring on aratiks and it had to be on the second, could not be missed… never.

Prabhupad said :’’I judge the management by the ringing of this bell.’’

Then I was the manager, and I know that I inherited the bell and I had to get this bell on time, and you know: “this bell… the bell…the bell again – Watch the bell.”

Every half hour I just listened like: “Is the bell happening? The bell is not happening! What is going on? Why is the bell not happening?” …

For years I was just been alert to this bell. Always one of my ears was listening to the bell. That was my service. Listening to the bell has made me Prabhupada’s servant.

What wonderful mercy that I had the opportunity to be in charge of Prabhupada’s bell, just the simple bell. What an effect actually, that it just forced me to be Prabhupada’s servant and that has gave me the sense not just be responsible for the bell but be responsible for everything. Prabhupada understood so nicely and saying: “Judge the management by this bell” and that is it.

What amazing transcendental approach to the administration – the bell. Just by the bell – which is tough, You know to get the bell in time and you have to be ,you can not space out. So that forced the whole mentality to be alert and not just to the bell but for everything.
The bell made us alert and attentive to the detail to everything!


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  1. Bhakta_Michael on

    Wow…. That's an amazing pastime Maharaja, thankyou… Thanks also to the man behind the screen too Aatish!