Devotee: Maharaja, you mentioned that a devotee has to depend on Krishna for his happiness and sadness but I have heard sometimes from devotees that: ‘we must use our intelligence to protect ourselves and not put ourselves in situations where Krishna has to come to save us.”

Maharaja: I didn’t say that we should leave it up to Krishna whether we are going to be happy or not and we just sit around and just don’t do anything. One must work as though the result depends on us. We must accordingly use our intelligence to do the best in the given circumstances to please Krishna. We must work for Krishna to the best of our ability but in the end the result depends on Krishna and not on us. You never know that which seems easy is difficult and sometimes an impossible thing just works and we surprise ourselves: ‘How did I do that? It worked’
I have that experience all the time. We know that we depend on Krishna specially when difficult material situations comes and we can no longer do anything and we have no alternative then at that time we simply pray to Krishna, leave it to Krishna.
One level is “please, please Krishna protect me, please”
and the other level is “okay, as you desire”
Draupadi, she let go of her saree ‘alright, Hey Govinda! okay as you like’
So, at one point it has to come to that: ‘As you like!’

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Chowpatty 2010)

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