After all we have no true relationship with the body. We are simply within this material body but it happens to be so that certain molecules are within our body.
Yesterday most likely we had some rice, dal, sabji, some chutney, some sweets and so many things went into our body and some will also leave. But something will stay within our body…. You know what I am saying? Something will become the building blocks of the structure that is our body and in this way some of the molecules that we have consumed yesterday have become part of the molecules – that is our body.
Yesterday these molecules were found somewhere in the market place in Mumbai far away from us and we drive passed so many of such types of molecules and we don’t care about them so much but as soon as they become part of our body, “Oh! Then they are my dear molecules, these are dear to me.” …

So, just see our identifications with the molecules that are now making our body and later they will somehow or other separate from our body either little by little or at the end all at once and will get re-distributed in this material energy somewhere.
So, what is our actual relationship with the material body? No relationship at all. Why do we claim any intimate relationship at all with our body than the bricks on the street? We walk on these bricks and we don’t care. We don’t think we are standing on the head of these bricks.
But if someone stands on our head then we will be very upset:
‘How can you do such a thing? Maha aparadha”
But what is our relationship with this head? No relationship.
That actually is the platform of Brahamabhuta -such a person will reach a state beyond lamentation and from that platform one whole heartedly engages in the service of Krishna.

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