Kadamba Kanana Swami wrote this message, 4pm today, 17th January 2010:

“In the mid eighties, once a week we would all get on a bus and would go for Hari Nama in Delhi and other neighbouring cities.
Here we are in Agra, we have walked in to the Taj Mahal and started a Kirtana!
The Taj Mahal is of course a muslim monument, and it was a sensitive thing to do, but I thought it would be all right considering that it is also an international tourist place, so I thought the presence of all these tourist would protect us.
We went up around the Taj chanting Hare Krsna!
The photo is taken just at the base of the building.
After about 15 minutes the security came to stop the Kirtan, we went back out in to the city and carried on chanting for a few more hours. It was fun!”

(Maharaja is second from our left)

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