At the end of 2010 there was a big festival at Simhachalam. We arrived there in the early evening and more and more sankirtana devotees from different parts of Europe came to grace the festival.
Sacinandana Swami and Kadamba Kanana Swami really enlivened all the devotees with talks, seminars and massive kirtans! Enjoy the Pics and Videos(more to come also, from the festival)
The scores from the book marathon were read out and many extraordinary preachers were recognised for their hard work and some of the sankirtana devotees gave great tips and inspiration to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books.
The Maharajas gave deep insight into book distribution and also told some funny stories !
There was a big abhishek of Narasimha and Prahlada Maharaja. There are already plans for the festival again for the end of this year!!! Jaya Jaya Narasimha!!!!

“The real hardship undoubtedly is performed on the street, it is there where it began, it is there where our movement cane out to the public, on the street – that was the stage of communication. On the street initially, kirtan and magazines, group of devotees going around and altogether reaching the public…
It is a fact that on the street is a special place, because it is on the street where one just meets people who have no prior connection at all, and just enters in to their world just like that – as if you’ve been dropped by a parachute and just there it is and suddenly there it is they are getting into a whole new dimension, not just the getting the book but getting a whole spiritual dimension into their life!
So it is very important that we appreciate what a great gift it is to give someone a book.”

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Simhachalam Festival 2010)

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