So in this way sometimes we feel that spiritual life is all about sacrifice. Sometimes we feel that the sacrifice is too great! Greater than we can make it. Hare and Krsna, we cannot look right – we cannot look left. It’s only chanting…only Krsna…regulated principles on all sides are boxing us in. We cannot go forward, backward, left or right. In all directions there are prohibitions. It seems that the sacrifice is too great. Can we realistically do it? It’s attractive. (Sanskrit) Krsna is definitely attractive. We feel like worshiping Him, but then the sacrifice appears to be too great – greater than maybe what we can make. Is this so? – That question does arise.

Sometimes we think that:

“Yes I have full faith in Krishna Consciousness. I have full faith that the Bhagavad Gita is the truth. I have full faith that Krsna is the Supreme Lord, but I do not have full faith in myself. Can I do it?”

Sometimes this doubt arises:

“I have no doubt in Krsna, no doubt in the process, but I have doubt in myself.”

There is also a doubt in the process because then we think that:

“ Krsna doesn’t have the power to change us as he likes – even by magic”.

Simply by magic that Krsna can change our hearts. Today we cannot do it – tomorrow we are flying.

Lord Caitanya said to Vakresvar Pandit:

“My dear Vakresvar your dancing is so extraordinary. You are like my wing. If I would have two of you, than I would fly”.

It means that the dancing of Vakresvar Pandit was so extraordinary that Lord Caitanya Himself was swept up in it, and felt lifted up by it, and just Himself felt lifted way up into the sky. In this way Vakresvar’s dancing was such a nature that it captured the Lord’s heart. So everything becomes possible when it touches the heart. What is difficult becomes easy, as soon as there is a taste. What is a sacrifice, is not a sacrifice at all if one has a strong desire! When there is a strong desire, ‘sacrifice, what sacrifice are you talking about?’ Climbing over mountains, climbing over canyons, swimming over wild rivers – if you have a desire – no problem at all! In this way it is the taste in devotional service that makes everything magic!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Chowpatty, 11th December 2010)

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