Student: If everybody gives up the material world and becomes devotees then how will this world be continuing?

Maharaja: Thank you very much for asking this classic question.
It is very easy because the whole world will serve Krishna, because becoming a devotee of Krishna doesn’t mean that we spend the whole day praying and just ring bells in the temple and all are becoming pujaris like that – No, it doesn’t mean like that, that we light some incense and lamp. It doesn’t matter you can be a devotee and stay outside, you don’t have to leave your home, you can be at home, but no meat, fish or eggs, no gambling, no intoxication, and no illicit sex…. we must somehow or other avoid them, then you can stay at home, keep on working and be a devotee of Krishna.
A farmer can stay on his farm and grow vegetables and in this way we are not proposing that the whole world will leave home but we are proposing that the whole world will leave sinful activity and takes up the process of glorifying Krishna by chanting Hare Krishna. So, can you do that?
If you stay regularly with the devotees you will get the strength to do it. By regularly coming to this temple you will be able to practise Krishna Consciousness at home and why don’t you do that?
That would be good!

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2005)

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