Dear Vaishnavas – Hare Krishna!!!

I would like to sincereley apologise to all for a couple of posts posted this week that may have seemed boring or not worthwhile reading. I was away from the computer for a week and incorrectly organised the blog posting schedule, wrong parts of the transcripts to go onto the blog and also pictures that were irrelevant according to the posts. I am sorry dear devotees for the bodge up!

This has given me an opportunity to reflect more about the Blog and to get more and more quality posts for the reader.
I hope the KKS blog fans are informing their friends and family of this KKS blog 😉
I would like to also request anyone who would like to help with the KKS Blog, please feel free to email me:

Hare Krishna!! Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya!!
your servant aatish

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