We were studying a little bit about Dhruva and we found, that in the Visnu Purana it is described that Dhruva in his previous life was a brahmana. As a brahmana Dhruva became kind of close with a particular king, and in the cause of this friendship, he began to desire the opulence that the king had – and this desire manifested within him.

Then, it is very interesting that as a young boy he was being denied to sit on the lap of his father! And the reaction to this – he wants a kingdom greater than his father and grandfather, which was interesting since it was there from his last life.

So, in this way we can see how material desires may be rooted in a previous life, and due to failure in spiritual life in a previous situation, and now it becomes so strong. So it is interesting that same stumbling block on the path, that made us fail in our previous life – is back again to make us fail one more time!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, January 2011)

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