This particular age of Kali is already going on for 5000 years, we can appreciate that we may have had one or more births, many births before, in this age of Kali.

So most likely, we have during those births engaged in so many sinful activities – and if some of them were human, we are responsible – because the human birth is the one birth where one is held responsible. That we have to understand.

Therefore we cannot expect that things will be smooth, that we will not be attacked by possibly strong material desires. …

We cannot expect that we will not be attacked by some very powerful material desires since the aprarabda-karma is not good in the age of Kali. The unmanifest karma stored in the heart is not good. Therefore it will happen to us! It will happen to us, that we will be attacked by strong, strong desires where we develop the inclination to act against our better knowledge.

Then we should remember, “Now I am a victim of external forces! This is not me! I am simply a playball! A playball on the waves of karma! I’m simply being controlled by external forces. This is not me!”

One has to understand that karma works in this way. We become controlled by simply previous impressions. In this way one must be detached – even detached of what may come in the future.

One has to have a detached attitude, “When material desire comes, I will not take it serious.”

In this way we have to prepare. We have to prepare a mentality of being ready.
When material desire knocks on my door.

”Sorry! Not home.”
”No thank you.”
”Not interested.”
”No, no.”
”Even if it’s cheap, I’m not buying.”
Like that, one has to fix himself.

That is only possible for one who fixes himself while chanting the Holy Name. If we try sincerely to conquer the mind while chanting the Holy Name – to fix our mind on hearing the chanting, and if we simply do that, then we can get the strength to be fixed.

Transcribed by Bhakta Fredrick
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Chowpatty 2010)

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