In this way the tendency to think that we are exceptions, the tendency to think that our situation is different is there in all of us. After all, we are unique! Well… Not that unique, you know?
We’re actually not so unique at all if you really look at it, we pretty much have the same, the very same feelings as everybody else, as people have had for so many, for thousands and millions of years.
They had the same feelings as we are having now, and we’re just like… Going through it all, and they went through it all… and it is just like that!
But we are having this strong feeling that, “No! I am unique! I am totally unique! Never before was there someone like me, on this planet Earth!”
Well… “No, but not exactly like me!” Well, you know… Okay:
maybe a little bit of Socrates, a little bit of Plato, and a pinch of Bach, and a pinch of Gandhi, and a pinch of… Right? But at best we are a cocktail! Just some sort of mix.

A mix of a few prototypes, and that’s us. Not so unique at all and therefore we’re quite predictable.

Transcribed by Bhakta Frederick
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sweden 2010)

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