Ignorance is a kind of thing that is destructive to the self and to others. So, ignorance has to go as it is not going to help us. So we have to fight with ignorance.

Passion, we can channel it towards the service to Krishna.

“Oh! This passion!”
just work out for Krishna – so we run, and run, and run and we get so much busy that we don’t have time to chant our rounds but somehow or other we are doing it.

“Oh! We are so busy in the service of Krishna, I have no time for myself.”

“But your life is already finished”

“Oh! My God, have we got old I never even noticed it, life is so short! I never even had the time for maya! I wanted so many things but it never happened because I had so much service.”

One will say that in old age. So, people in the mode of passion can be nicely engaged in service of Krishna so that is our saving grace.

Srila Prabhupada very expertly designed the Hare Krishna movement, he didn’t say that we should have a programme that everyday should be a japa retreat. There are Japa retreats where we chant sixty four rounds …

It is not so easy to chant sixty four rounds everyday, One day maybe if we get ourselves in that mood. Some of us can do, so we are maybe not the strongest in performing these things.

Prabhupada has arranged that there is plenty of service to do – If we can’t chant the Holy Name then we can serve the Holy Name, this is the Sankirtan movement of Lord Caitanya.

There is unlimited engagement and that you simply give Krishna Consciousness to the whole world. Well that’s enough for a few life times!

So, we have a lot to do and we can present things in a creative way and that will keep us pre-occupied and that is our saving grace.

Transcribed By Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sydney October 2010)

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