Often times we are seeing that the emphasis is placed on enlightenment coming through the spiritual master and that through the spiritual master one is receiving instructions, following these instructions, realizing these instructions and getting enlightenment. But here the emphasis is placed on the Supersoul as acting as the agent to reveal transcendence to us. So that is also a significant part in our spiritual life, and the Supersoul, known as caitya-guru – the guru within the heart, is revealing transcendental knowledge. Therefore a Vaisnava is sensitive to this and – we know that whatever is revealed from within could be coming from the Supersoul, but could also be coming from the mind….

It is a little difficult to ascertain who is speaking here. If we hear an inner voice – not physically hearing in this case, but hearing sort of — some inner knowing is there. Is it the mind, or is it the Supersoul?
That may be difficult to ascertain. But still, a devotee is kind of looking for this kind of guidance. One is also looking, what is the will of the Lord? That is how a Vaisnava lives. Sensitive… Sensitive, to the will of the Lord.
Again and again an inspiration comes from within the heart, then the thought might occur “Could it be — not from..? It is! …But could it be that the Supreme Lord would like me to act in such way?” And then when the Vaisnavas and the scriptures confirm the same, yes. Then it is- then it is a clear and strong direction of the Supreme Lord.

So in this way, the devotee is living in a close relationship with the Supreme Lord. Gradually that relationship becomes more and more deepened because …through the process of devotional process, the heart becomes purified and the anarthas are being removed from the heart.

Transcribed by Bhakta Frederick
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh 2011)

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