Devotee’s question: In Kali-yuga our material situation is usually very disturbing. When we are so materially dissatisfied, where can one get strength to do everything for Krishna?

Maharaja’s answer: By doing, you get strength. Isn’t it? I think it’s in everything like that. If you do it—if you start doing it, then it gets easy—in the beginning, can I do anything? It’s so hard! Right? But by doing it, I get strength. Can I run? Oh, I don’t think I can! And you know, if you haven’t done it for a long time, in the beginning, it’s hard. But okay, one block. Yeah, and after a while; two times around the block. Three times —no problem! So by doing it, we gain strength. – and like I said, I’ll say it even stronger than I said it before: “We are never alone” we are always in a relationship – either with a living being or with an object, but in any relationship, Krishna is always a party. So you pick up a thing and you have a relationship with a thing, but Krishna is also a part of it, so now you must use that thing in a particular way so that it suits Krishna. Or you have a relationship with a person so that it suits Krishna. Every relationship we have, with living beings or with a thing, Krishna is always party to it. Always. The more we are living that, the stronger we become.

Transcribed by Bhakta Frederick
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sweden 2010)

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