(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Feb 2011)

My point is maybe this whole modern life style, this whole artificial life style has to collapse one day – and then it will be much easier to be Krsna Conscious.

The more we go in to the artificial life style the more difficult it will be to be Krsna Conscious, because you become entangled in the whole network of all kind of things you have to do, because we all want to enjoy in all these things.

The result will be trouble and it will make spiritual life more difficult.

When you live in a natural society it is easier to be Krsna conscious.

If you don’t have a television and if you don’t have an electric light then you go to the bed early, because that’s the only warm place.

Then in the morning when it gets light, then you get up.

But with all the artificial things we stay up in the deep of night and we sleep in the deep of the day. That’s the result of all artificial arrangements.  That makes Krsna consciousness difficult. If we live more following the sun then automatically we get in the rhythm and that is good for spiritual life.




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