A Vaishnava is prepared that anything can happen in this material world, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. It is possible, so we are not surprised- Of course, it can happen, but we have nothing to do with the material world because the material world doesn’t relate to the soul it relates to the body. So it doesn’t actually deal with our true existence – that we can remember. Alright, still we might not be able to transcend suffering – it is wonderful to speak such kind of philosophy that we are not effected by the material world… until we get excruciating pain and then there is a limit to how much one can just forget the pain. But if we become more and more absorbed in transcendence then we can rise above and Prabhupada showed this extraordinary tolerance in this regard. But even if one cannot tolerate the material pain or suffering at least we take shelter of Krishna, then even the material pain or suffering becomes an impetus to turn to Krishna. I saw someone was making a list of things that causes anxiety in this world and the list sort of started with crowds, rats, and then it said causes of anxiety …everything. I always remember that. One can get into anxiety about everything that is the material world. Alright if you have such a mind that you get into anxiety of everything then at least let it be an impetus to turn to Krishna.”Krishna save me.” Then pray the whole day.”Oh! Krishna save me, Oh! Krishna only you can save me” “Krishna I have to cross the street please help me” “Oh! Krishna please help me, I have to get up from bed please help me.” “Oh! Krishna, Krishna!!” So at least by taking shelter of Krishna we can also remember Him and then one day we can rise above the anxiety and then one day no more anxiety… “Oh! Krishna.. what was that anxiety about?” – You just forget and it just becomes: “Oh! Krishna” … and you forget what comes next! If we always say: “Oh! Krishna please protect me. Oh! Krishna please help me. Oh! Krishna please make sure….” “Oh! Krishna, Oh! Krishna …” and then one day we say “Oh! Krishna “and then “…what was that I was praying” We just forget and remember Krishna. So this is the nature, when we turn to Krishna for material purpose …whether we approach Krishna for pure devotional service without material desires or whether we approach Krishna with some material desires …as long as we take shelter of Krishna then everything will become auspicious.

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Stockholm 2011)

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