Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Stockholm 2011)

Knowledge can increase our eagerness in devotional service. The more knowledge we develop about the potency of the Holy Name, the potency of devotional service, the more eager we will be to perform and to take advantage because then we realise that it is not impossible. Although emotionally at present spiritual life seems too difficult: ‘It is nice, it is good, it is the truth, but it is too difficult.”
This tendency to think that :’Yes I believe in Krishna Consciousness, I believe in bhakti yoga, I believe that it is the truth but I don’t believe in myself, I don’t believe that I can do it” – this is the more subtle form of faithlessness.
People that say “I don’t have faith in devotional service” – we can say that is unfortunate but if we just study the arguments and logic, then many of us can accept it – Why would God not be ever fresh?
Why would He not be all powerful?
Why would He not be all knowing?
Why would He not be all famous?
Why would He not be a person?
When everywhere there is a person and everywhere there is a personality then why not Him, if He is the origin. Shouldn’t the creation reflect the nature of the creator logically speaking?
Like that one can hear the logical argument and accept the system of belief of Krishna Consciousness and it makes sense and it gives a complete picture but then what?
We have no self confidence:
‘I have never been successful in my life’
‘I know my limitations’
‘I just can’t do it’
‘I have already tried and I couldn’t do it.’
‘I tried following the four regulative principles but I couldn’t do it and therefore it is too difficult for me so maybe I go and do hata yoga.’
Totally missing the point that success is not measured whether we can follow the four regulative principles or not – in the pre stages we may not be able to follow the four regulative principles that doesn’t matter, we simply keep trying. Prabhupada often said that failure is the pillar of success just like it is natural for a child to walk but it takes a certain amount of effort like in the beginning the child will fall and fall and fall again and again and again until one day he will walk.

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