Devotee: It is possible for a person who is in the mode of ignorance to have more faith than a person who is in the mode of goodness. Is it possible?

Maharaja : Yes, because faith is not there in good behaviour but faith is there in Krishna and in the spiritual subject. So, you can be a drunkard in a bar which is really in the mode of ignorance and suddenly you meet a devotee who comes in that bar and strikes you like lightening bolt – Bang!
and it just goes to your heart and you say
“This is the truth”
But you may have a long standing habit of hitting the bottle at the same time….
Then you may have someone like a little vegetarian who has not done anything wrong – perfectly who is in the mode of goodness and somehow or other the faith is not developing in Krishna and so the mode of goodness is no guarantee for faith – because bhakti comes from bhakti….
But for one who is in ignorance and come to Krishna Consciousness and has faith we can understand that there will be some struggle with old habits and there will be difficulties to accept all rules and regulations. That is there, but we can attract many people from the mode of ignorance.

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sydney 2010)

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