If we have bad qualities, what can we do? We can work on it, but they don’t go away automatically. We will try and develop better personal qualities, but whatever we are, however fallen we are, at least do devotional service. That’s the key!
Never stop doing devotional service. As much as possible, engage in devotional service, because that service will purify us. It is that by the process of bhakti, all the anarthas will be erased from the heart.
There are two ways to rectify fallen qualities. One is by making a conscious endeavour and trying to rectify ourselves, and the other is simply by engaging in devotional service and that devotional service will purify us. And of the two, engaging in devotional service is the most potent – That’s the powerful way of transformation of rising above fallen qualities.
So let’s just do a lots of devotional service.

Transcribed by Anisha
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, March 2011)

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