When the mode of passion is afflicting us then the intelligence becomes distorted by our desires and we cover reality because we ‘wanted it to be so beautiful.’ Therefore Puranjan wanted Puranjani to be so extremely beautiful so he made her even more beautiful than she even was and therefore was saying;
‘My Dear Goddess of fortune, Where is your lotus flower?
My Dear Laxmi Devi you must have dropped it somewhere’
and of course in doing so Puranjan was also fruitive – so at the same time he was flattering her by comparing her to Laxmi which made her feel kind of really special.
It is like friend of mine – we were walking in the forest – this was in the karmi days – a beautiful girl was sitting near a pond with water lilies and my friend just walked into the pond took a water lily and put it at her feet and she melted on the spot!!!
And I couldn’t believe it – she melted on the spot!
So, it works like that, that’s called “romantic,”
a little flattery and everything is done!
So, both of them were actually investing in their desires.
The hope for happiness is covering the material energy and it is making it even better that it actually is – and that is called the mode of passion and that is the inevitable need in the material world because the desire for happiness is so deep and grave that we just don’t get it and we are looking for it and it’s not here – it’s not there….. and finally there is an opportunity – it has some defects but we just edit it out with the photo shop!
Everything looks good in photo shop and it was not invented on the computer – it was for a long time in our mind! So many things and details we took out to make it just a little better. – but unfortunately after a little while we come down to reality and one becomes aware of the limitations of the material energy.

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sydney 2010)

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