The best is to simply glorify Krishna, that’s what Prabhupada did. He didn’t care about such things – where he was or who the audience was. He would just glorify Krishna and as it came, and that is the essence, because purity is the force and not intellectualism, if we are trying to cater for the audience. Prabhupada said:

“In our preaching we are not trying to please the audience – we are trying to please Krishna, and that is an important point”.

We are faithful to pleasing Krishna. We are not trying to present ourselves in such as way that the audience will be so pleased. No, if we in our speech we are trying to please Krishna than automatically people will be attracted, because the purity will be there – That’s a guarantee! So simply please Krishna, and the more we will become faithful towards Krishna. Therefore, it is important to absorb the words of Krishna – just absorb and keep very close to them.

You can see that Prabhupada in his preaching is very chaste and that he is using so many examples directly from the scripture. He uses metaphors – very much scriptural, because we can understand that Prabhupada throughout his life must have been in close contact with the scripture, considering that he took Sanayas relatively very late – it’s not that he started learning the scripture at that time and read it for the first time. No, he must have studied it earlier when the mind was more fresh and when he could remember, because in old age the memory goes, unless one has over prolonged period of time had absorbed the knowledge. So our business is Bhagavad Gita every day, and if you missed yesterday than you have to read the double today! So everyday there is some connection.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, March 2011)

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