That Golden Age that is meant to come, it will come through us. It’s not that we have to say:
‘Oh, when will the Golden Age come? Oh, when will it come?’
No, we ARE the Golden Age. It’s us and how fast it will come depends on how fast we will make it happen. As simple as that!
Depends on how fast we will get into it, and then others will become influenced by us, and in that way it will be like a domino effect, – it will just spread – Krsna Consciousness.
Ultimately Krsna Consciousness spreads from person to person. When Lord Caitanya gave Nityananda the instruction to preach in Bengal, He told him, “Go door to door, to every house, door to door” because Krsna Consciousness is meant to spread from person to person. That’s when it really spreads.

Transcribed by Anisha
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, March 2011)

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