The greatest ecstasy of the whole thing is that we are going to flood Bengal in the transcendental mercy of Lord Caitanya, and they are all sunk in total ignorance. They are somehow or another are just living a miserly life by having a few little material things, and they try to squeeze a little drop of enjoyment here, and a little drop of enjoyment there. They try to avoid this suffering and that suffering, and it is all so catty and small time. Little do they know about the ocean of the transcendental nectar and we are bringing it to them! Therefore, that whole kirtan party went all the way from Puri to Bengal was even more ecstatic than just chanting the holy name.

The element of bringing up others by somehow or another expanding the ocean of transcendental love. Everywhere there are beings who are unlimited in the material world – who are separated from their constitutional position of devotional service to the Supreme Lord, and if these living beings can be reconnected with the Supreme Lord – that will so much increase the already unlimited bliss of the Supreme Lord!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Stockholm, February 2011)

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