It is not our business to be against this, against that .. it is our business to be FOR KRSNA, and for Krsna means no meat, because Krsna doesn’t accept meat. But we are not singling out so many things, that we are against this, against that…No! Prabhupada said that we are FOR KRSNA. Our standard is simply the desire of Krsna. What Krsna desires, and that is Bhagavad Gita, where He makes His desires clear.
So when we are dealing with the Kaliyuga we cannot just spend all our time saying:
how horrible people are,
how degraded people are,
how corrupted people are and so on. If we talked the whole day about how bad Kaliyuga is, how will we talk about how wonderful Krsna is? You become what you deal with. That’s very dangerous. In this world, if you deal with politicians, you become a politician. And therefore we should simply focus on our own business. And that is the strength of our movement. We are simply going to glorify Krsna – everywhere and always, at home and outdoors.

Transcribed by Anisha
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, March 2011)

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