Lord Caitanya is very merciful and when Gouranga came to my room – we were speaking about Lord Caitanya. We were discussing a verse where it is said:
“That the pastimes of Lord Caitanya is thick just like condensed milk, and Krishna is like the corn flour in that condensed milk”.

So let me share that meditation with you for a moment, “ Thick…thick condensed milk! What are these pastimes of Lord Caitanya ?”

We know – Sankirtan, chanting, dancing. Thick condensed milk! – the quality (Sanskrit) the density of that chanting is thick and it is happening constantly with enthusiasm and life and just (Sanskrit) and everywhere the holy name is heard. Everywhere the glorification of Krishna is going on, and then the descriptions about the qualities about Krishna – and we are hearing and discussing Lord Nityananda. Krishna Dasa Kaviraja Gosvami describes his dream of how he dreamt of Lord Nityananda, who was there and was intoxicated with rolling eyes and in a deep voice chanting:


His limbs restlessly moving like an elephant who were surrounded by many cowheard boys, who were also chanting:


In his hand was a red iron stick which he was restlessly moving around. Lord Nityananda was dressed in blue silks and at this opulence that Lord Nityananda was chanting:

“ Krishna…Krishna Krishna!”

Constantly glorifying Krishna – thick like condensed milk!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Chowpatty, 11th December 2010)

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