We have to become active and alert. There are so many things that we just do not know. There is so much to learn, because in Krishna Consciousness we really go into details – everything has to be done proper. It begins with big things, but then with smaller things and it has to be done proper – like sit properly, eat properly, talk properly. One can recognise a saintly person from how he sits, walks and speaks and so on.

So many injunctions in Krishna Consciousness. Alright we begin with major ones but we must refine it. We must gradually refine – just like the initiations are doing that to us. The first initiation means to connect – to establish our sambandha with Krishna. Sambandha means ‘alright I belong to Krishna’. That is what goes on in the first initiation, but in the second initiation we must start to behave more and more according to the directions of the scriptures!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, March 2011)

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