Transcribed by Hina

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cranberra March 2011)

There are many stories about Birbal and Akbar. Birbal who was Akbar’s minister was very famous. Once Akbar asked Birbal:

“How long is it that a man in his life is actually being plagued with lusty desires?”

Birbal said:

“Your majesty, it will go on till the very end!”

“Come on…come on Birbal! A really old man with a stick. It can’t be! No!”

One day Birbal suddenly called Akbar:

“Come… come right now! Oh and bring your daughter”.

Akbar brought his young beautiful princess daughter. They came into a room of a 90 year old dying man and immediately the eyes of the old man were on the daughter!

Akbar saw this and he said:

“Yes! You are right!”

So this is ignorance. Ignorance that we are going for the illusion. It’s an illusion – he is 90 years old – he is dying and in total illusion – he’s looking at that princess – it’s just foolishness.

There are more serious things to do at that time, but somehow or other his mind is being drawn into the temporary illusory pleasures.

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