From New Ekacakra in Slovakia, Maharaja went to Berlin, Germany! There he had a smooth stay, just giving some classes on Bhagavatam, Nectar of Devotion and his own small book called “Jewels of nectar – Nothing but the Holy Name”.

On one day Maharaja gave a interview on the topic of “future”, expertly answering all the questions concerning his perspective on future itself and different details about the topic. The interviewer was so attracted by Maharaja’s answers, that it seemed, that the spiritual discussion became much more important for him than the interview.

After a few days stay in Berlin, Maharaja went on to Simhachalam in South Germany, which is a big Nrsimha temple, to celebrate Nrsimha Caturdasi. Jagannatha Baladeva and Subhadra from Berlin were the special guests of the festival! It was ecstatic- almost sixty hour kirtana, five sanyasis and several other Prabhupada disciples and senior devotees attended the festival, giving amazing Nrsimha katha, and blessing the festival with their bhajanas and kirtanas! Maharaja gave also an initiation ceremony together with Bhakti Bhusana Maharaja on the auspicious day of Nrisimha Caturdasi. The initiated Devotee was Gauranga Prabhu, who was born in Simhachalam and therefore with all the blessings of Nrsimhadeva received his new name, Gaur Mohan Dasa!

All in all the festival was a great inspiration for all the attending devotees and a very nice opportunity to strengthen the connection to His Lordship Nrsimhadeva Bhagavan and his eternal devotee Prahlada Maharaja!

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