(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2002)

Being indebted is a very natural feeling whenever some love is given. We experience this also in this world. If somebody in a very loving way goes out of his way for us, and really takes a lot of trouble for us – we can never forget it, and we always feel indebted. Later if that person needs our help – we’ll help him – spontaneously we want to help him. We feel indebted to this person. We don’t think:

“ I have a debt to him, and I got to pay. I have to help him”.

No! We want to because, he lovingly helped us so much in the past. So that is only material, so what to speak of the spiritual platform. The sense of feeling grateful for what one receives is so great that one wants to just always do whatever one can for that person, and that’s how it worked with Prabhupada. The disciples at one point in the final days said to Prabhupada:

“Prabhupada you are driving us mad with love! You are driving us mad!”

And Prabhupada did. He gave so much mercy, and so much kindness in his teaching and he was just bringing his intimate disciples to a higher levels of Krishna Consciousness, which was driving them mad with love – he did. Therefore, the sense of how could you ever forget Prabhupada! So in the same way if we get krpā-siddha – that’s is such a great thing – the wonderful love for Krishna, and we would naturally want to pay him back again and again!

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  1. Yadurani dd on

    And Maharaja is driving us mad with love…let”s do sumthing for him!